Kayfun Lite

Built in 2013

The SvoëMesto Kayfun Lite is a rebuildable tank atomizer specifically designed using e-liquid for electronic cigarettes. Before use you must install a coil made intended for usage in electronic cigarettes.


The concept behind the original Kayfun Lite was to make an entry level device, that provides “Made in Germany” quality and the typical Kayfun vape experience at a budget friendly price. It was introduced for the first time in May 2013.

Technical details

  • Release


  • Capacity

    • regular: 4,5ml
    • longmode: 10 ml
  • Features

    • Tank sections compatible to Kayfun V3, Kayfun V 3.1
    • 1,5mm air draw
    • Extension to longmode possible (accessory needed)
    • The atomizer is completely demountable for easy cleaning or repairing. Every connection is either screwed together or plugged.
  • Scope of delivery

    • 1 x atomizer base
    • 1 x evaporation chamber (2 pieces)
    • 1 x composite tank (3 pieces)
    • 1 x polycarbonate window (additional middle section of the composite tank)
    • 1 x top cap for 510 mouthpieces
    • 1 x  driptip 510
    • 4 x  spare O-ring (big)
    • 2 x  spare O-ring (small)
    • 2 x spare screws M1,6 (for mounting the wick)
  • Surface

    stainless steel, brushed


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The manufacturer’s warranty is one year on all stainless steel parts. Excluded from warranty are all plastic components such as tanks and insulators, glass tanks and o-rings.


With SvoëMesto products, please use original SvoëMesto accessories only. The manufacturer accepts no liability for any third-party accessories or issues which may have been caused or exacerbated by their use.