Kayfun Mini V3

Kayfun Mini V3

The SvoëMesto Kayfun Mini V3 is a rebuildable tank atomizer specifically designed using e-liquid for electronic cigarettes. Before use you must install a coil made intended for usage in electronic cigarettes.


  • Scope of delivery

    • 1 x Kayfun Mini V3
    • 1 x spare kit
    • 1 x manual
  • Surface

    stainless steel, brushed

  • Measurements

  • Materials used

    We at SvoëMesto attach great importance in using only the best and most appropriate materials. A list of the materials used for this product can be found below. If you have known allergies to one or more of these materials, we do not encourage the use of this product.

Stainless steel componentsWNr. 1.4404 (X2CrNiMo17-12-2),
AISI 316L, (V4A)
Glass-tank-sleeveBorosilicate glass
O-ringsNBR 70



A high quality material that has already been used in the Kayfun 4. This stainless steel is very hard which makes it durable and resistant against wear and tear. It is normally used in areas of application that require an extremely good resistance against corrosion, such as the dental and medicinal technology.  


Almost everything has changed except one thing: The typical Kayfun Mini experience. 

Many have praised the Kayfun Mini 2.1 for its unmatched flavor profile. To maintain this kind of experience the evaporation chamber of the Kayfun Mini V3 resembles the same internal shape providing dense and full-bodied vapor production combined with an outstanding flavor profile.  


A fully adjustable liquid control gives you full control over the saturation of your wick. Limit your liquid flow or shut if off completely and seal your liquid in the tank.

Thanks to the intelligent pressure feeding system fine tuning can be done, but isn’t necessary in most cases. 

Two full turns open the liquid control completely. Flip the atomizer upside down and continue screwing to separate base and tank and access your coil – anywhere, anytime. 


The 2ml Borosilicatglas tank is resistant to any type of common e-liquid. Thanks to the liquid control (3) it can be filled from the top spill free within seconds.  


Four air holes feed into one vertical air duct (2.2mm) that aims directly at the coil. This provides not only a smooth and quiet draw but in combination with the redesigned evaporation chamber (2) a dense and full-bodied vape experience. 


An engraved serial number and product key will give you the ability to verify the product’s authenticity directly on our website.

Functions explained

Tipps and tricks on how to use the Kayfun Mini V3


Assembly is easier than it has ever been. Within seconds the Kayfun Mini V3 is stripped to its pieces for cleaning or maintenance.

HINT: After cleaning or before first use, lubricate both o-rings below the deck. This will make the liquid control operate more smoothly and prevents wear and tear on the o-rings.


Not only is rebuilding the Kayfun Mini V3 very intuitive, thanks to the improved pressure based feeding system, your built doesn’t have to be flawless to achieve good results. This makes the Kayfun Mini V3 an ideal playground and a reliable daily driver for vapers new to rebuilding and experienced vapers alike.

ATTENTION: Always make sure before use that the positive terminal block remains in a centered position and does not ouch the outer deck, which would cause a short circuit.

Always make sure the exceeding leads of your wire are cut flush to the deck. In case the touch the surrounding housing they may cause a short circuit or an unstable connection. 

Liquid Control

The liquid control of the Kayfun Mini V3 gives you full control over the saturation of your wick. It’s easily adjusted from the outside.
When it is fully closed, simply turn the tank two full turns in an unscrewing motion to open the liquid channels.
In case you want to fine tune or restrict the liquid flow, the liquid channels show visibly how wide open your liquid control is.

HINT: After cleaning or before first use, lubricate both o-rings below the deck. This will make the liquid control operate more smoothly and prevents wear and tear on the o-rings.


Filling the tank of the Kayfun Mini V3 is quick and easy.

  • Close the liquid control
  • unscrew the topcap
  • fill the tank
  • put the topcap back on
  • open the liquid control


Acessing the deck

The build deck of the Kayfun Mini V3 can be accessed any time, regardless whether the tank is filled or not.

Adjusting the airflow

The airflow of the Kayfun Mini V3 can be adjusted continuously to your liking.

  • Remove the 510 screw
  • Insert a small flathead screwdriver into the 510
  • Place the atomizer to your lips
  • By turning the screwdriver you can tighten or loosen the airflow.
  • Reassemble after you found a setting you enjoy.

ATTENTION: When screwing the 510 screw back in do not apply force. Otherwise you may twist the internals which can cause a short circuit. 

HINT: Do not back out the internal grub screw too far. Otherwise it might block the 510 pin. To maintain a solid connection the 510 screw has to be tightened finger tight.



The manufacturer’s warranty is one year on all stainless steel parts. Excluded from warranty are all plastic components such as tanks and insulators, glass tanks and o-rings.


With the SvoëMesto Kayfun Mini V3, please use original SvoëMesto accessories only. The manufacturer accepts no liability for any third-party accessories or issues which may have been caused or exacerbated by their use.