Welcome to svoëmesto.de

We know what you are looking for! Yes, you will find it here! Very soon all information on the new SvoëMesto flagship atomizer, the Kayfun V4, will be provided here! Further you will find a lot of usefull information, such as Authorized resellers Tutorials FAQ Scientific articles News and more on www.svoemesto.de Stay tuned! Your SvoëMesto […]

[Tutorial] – Basic Silica build for the Kayfun

Especially within those who are new to rebuilding the Kayfuns, a popular question in forums is: What is a good build for it? Therefore we would like to provide a build, that is equally usable for beginners, as for advanced users due to its versatility. It provides great flavor, wicking and vapor production, while being […]

[Review] – Kayfun Lite [plus] – The 2nd batch

Kayfuns have easily become one of the most sought after rebuildable atomizers due to their quality construction and the experience they provide! With the recent release of the updated Kayfun Lite Plus, which SvoëMesto refers to as “batch two,” vapers have began wondering what differences exist between the first and second batch. Although much of […]

Kayfun V3 ES – The first stainless steel Kayfun ever made

In late summer of 2012 the Kayfun V3 ES saw the light of day for the first time. Manufactured in Germany, the first batch covered 750 sets and was presented by a small selection of specialty retailers to the public. Due to its flavor profile and vapor production as well as the good reputation of […]

How it all began – SvoëMesto Kayfun V2

A guest commentary by our beloved friend and customer Cordula K. I want to tell you a story. Once upon a time in 2012, there was a “brave” man, who organized a group order – in Russia. I immediately was bowled over by the offer and of course participated. Many thought I was a little […]