[Review] – Kayfun Lite [plus] – The 2nd batch

Kayfuns have easily become one of the most sought after rebuildable
atomizers due to their quality construction and the experience they
provide! With the recent release of the updated Kayfun Lite Plus, which
SvoëMesto refers to as “batch two,” vapers
have began wondering what differences exist between the first and
second batch. Although much of the Kayfun Lite Plus has remained the
same, there are a few subtle changes that have taken place as a result
of consumer feedback. While we take a moment to showcase those
differences, we’d also like to introduce you to the variety
of accessories SvoëMesto has developed for integration with
your Kayfun!

SvoëMesto takes
every question, comment, and suggestion very seriously because they
strive to provide nothing less than the best. Even though the first
batch of the Lite Plus were purchased in a hurry, vapers were equally
as quick to swap out the drip-tip provided for something a little more
stylish. That being said, the first change you’ll notice
after unboxing your new Kayfun is the redesigned drip-tip!


SvoëMesto also chose
to adjust the taper on the top cap. As you can see in the photo above,
the cap on the left has a little less tilt around the top which flows
nicely when the redesigned tip is in place. It also accommodates a
wider variety of tips with ease!


Removing the top cap will
reveal the third aspect that has been redesigned. If you’ve
ever taken a Kayfun apart, you may have found that your O-ring had left
the top cap and slid on to the chimney. With the changes made to the
top cap, the O-ring is held more securely in its housing. The new top
cap also offers increased juice capacity, which is a great benefit when
using a nano tank!


Rounding out the redesigned
Kayfun Lite Plus are the engravings found on the bottom. Pictured above
on the right, you’ll notice that the engravings are now of
better quality and have been curved to flow with the base of the atty.
There has also been a date of production added to the engravings that
already existed.


As far as accessories are
concerned, SvoëMesto has you covered! Whether you want some
color, something shorter, or something that holds more liquid their
array of items are sure to meet your needs! Shown above is a collection
of both Batch One and Two of theKayfun Lite Plus. These are some
examples of variations that can be created with the products they
produce! These items not only work with the Kayfun Lite Plus, they can
be used on the discontinued 3.1 and Kayfun Lite as well!


Kayfun V3 ES – The first stainless steel Kayfun ever made

In late summer of 2012 the Kayfun V3 ES saw the light of day for the first time. Manufactured in Germany, the first batch covered 750 sets and was presented by a small selection of specialty retailers to the public. Due to its flavor profile and vapor production as well as the good reputation of its ancestor, the Kayfun V2, the Kayfun V3 ES quickly became a success.


The demand within the enthusiastic community in Germany eventually lead to a second batch adding another 500 devices to the series. Looking back, the Kayfun V3 ES, with 1250 devices in total, can be considered a rare piece. The first 1000 devices also had a serial number from 0-999.


1 Set, multiple atomizers

The Kayfun V3 ES full set included, besides the atomizer itself, a variety of additional pieces and accessories, such as:

  • Polycarbonate full tank
  • Stainless steel full tank
  • 510 topcap and mouthpiece
  • 701 topcap and mouthpiece
  • Chimney extension
  • Tank extension connector

Using these accessories the Kayfun V3 ES already gave the user a wider range of customization and the choice of using the device in long-mod (12ml). ds__41_kayfunV3ES

“Fill her up and you’re on your way!”

Filling a pressure based tank can be challenging sometimes, because you are basically “filling up a bucket with a hole in the bottom”. Hence customers had experienced some inconveniences with the Kayfun V2, since it only held the option of filling from the top. Eventually that lead to gurgling and the usage of paper towels was obligatory in many cases. We wanted to address this issue with the design of the Kayfun V3 ES by giving it a new filling method that assured a leak proof filling of the tank. However the featured collectors tank, which had been passed on by the Kayfun V2, was still considered mandatory to make the atomizer easier to handle and maintain the possibility of different connectors besides the regular 510. Therefore the Kayfun V3 ES came with a hidden fill screw in the bottom underneath the collectors tank.




Similar to its ancestor the Kayfun V3 ES had a variety of features to customize it to every customers individual needs.

  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Adjustable 510 connector
  • topcap for 701 mouthpieces
  • topcap for 510 mouthpieces
  • modular design to increase the tank capacity.


Released: 2012

Price: 150€ (~ $200)

Scope of delivery:

  • Kayfun V3 ES with single piece steel tank
  • Polycarbonate full body
  • chimney extension tube
  • tank extension ring
  • 1m Ekowool Silicia
  • 1m 0,16mm or 0,2mm NiCr wire
  • spare kit including O-Rings and screws

discontinued: 2012


How it all began – SvoëMesto Kayfun V2

A guest commentary by our beloved friend and customer Cordula K.

I want to tell you a story.

Once upon a time in 2012, there was a “brave” man, who organized a group order – in Russia. I immediately was bowled over by the offer and of course participated. Many thought I was a little crazy and some probably, that I was full on loco.

I was told things like “Are you nuts? Transferring over 400€ to someone, you don’t even know? What if he just disappears afterwards and never reports back again?”

But I saved up anyway and eventually transferred the money to a man I never met before, who didn’t have a shop or vape related business and who I’d never have found, if he had decided to walk away. I trusted this man, because he was equally passionate and enthusiastic on vaping as I was – maybe even more!


What can I say? It all turned out just fine. Naturally it took a while from Russia to Germany and there weren’t many units in production either. But then I held it in my hands: My first Kayfun! Amazing! I was very proud. To be fair, it took me a while to master the Kayfun, as it is a learning curve to it, but I didn’t give up. I’ve been vaping this first of my Kayfuns ever since with joy and the Sëmovar, which came with it, still works just fine after a total of 170 hours of use.

Due to this brave man back then, we nowadays have these amazing atomizers made here in Germany in an outstanding quality, of which we could only dream of “back in the days.”