Kayfun V3 ES – The first stainless steel Kayfun ever made

In late summer of 2012 the Kayfun V3 ES saw the light of day for the first time. Manufactured in Germany, the first batch covered 750 sets and was presented by a small selection of specialty retailers to the public. Due to its flavor profile and vapor production as well as the good reputation of its ancestor, the Kayfun V2, the Kayfun V3 ES quickly became a success.


The demand within the enthusiastic community in Germany eventually lead to a second batch adding another 500 devices to the series. Looking back, the Kayfun V3 ES, with 1250 devices in total, can be considered a rare piece. The first 1000 devices also had a serial number from 0-999.


1 Set, multiple atomizers

The Kayfun V3 ES full set included, besides the atomizer itself, a variety of additional pieces and accessories, such as:

  • Polycarbonate full tank
  • Stainless steel full tank
  • 510 topcap and mouthpiece
  • 701 topcap and mouthpiece
  • Chimney extension
  • Tank extension connector

Using these accessories the Kayfun V3 ES already gave the user a wider range of customization and the choice of using the device in long-mod (12ml). ds__41_kayfunV3ES

“Fill her up and you’re on your way!”

Filling a pressure based tank can be challenging sometimes, because you are basically “filling up a bucket with a hole in the bottom”. Hence customers had experienced some inconveniences with the Kayfun V2, since it only held the option of filling from the top. Eventually that lead to gurgling and the usage of paper towels was obligatory in many cases. We wanted to address this issue with the design of the Kayfun V3 ES by giving it a new filling method that assured a leak proof filling of the tank. However the featured collectors tank, which had been passed on by the Kayfun V2, was still considered mandatory to make the atomizer easier to handle and maintain the possibility of different connectors besides the regular 510. Therefore the Kayfun V3 ES came with a hidden fill screw in the bottom underneath the collectors tank.




Similar to its ancestor the Kayfun V3 ES had a variety of features to customize it to every customers individual needs.

  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Adjustable 510 connector
  • topcap for 701 mouthpieces
  • topcap for 510 mouthpieces
  • modular design to increase the tank capacity.


Released: 2012

Price: 150€ (~ $200)

Scope of delivery:

  • Kayfun V3 ES with single piece steel tank
  • Polycarbonate full body
  • chimney extension tube
  • tank extension ring
  • 1m Ekowool Silicia
  • 1m 0,16mm or 0,2mm NiCr wire
  • spare kit including O-Rings and screws

discontinued: 2012