[DE] Kayfun 4 Reviews – Navy Lifeguard



The miracle of refilling

The liquid control gives you full control on whether liquid should flow to the evaporation chamber or not! At the same time the redesigned automatic pressure feeding system will always saturate your wick with the right amount of e-liquid.

The ability to switch the juice flow completely off enables a variety of possibilities and makes filling the tank as easy as it gets.

  • Close the liquid control
  • Unscrew the fill port
  • Fill the tank
  • Close the fill port
  • open the liquid control

No tools needed.

The fill port is also designed in a way, that closing doesn’t build up pressure inside the tank.

Hint: Mounted onto a mod or APV, instead of the lower ring, obviously you just give the upper part of the atomizer an spin to close and open the liquid control.

[Tutorial] – Basic Silica build for the Kayfun

Especially within those who are new to rebuilding the Kayfuns, a popular question in forums is:

What is a good build for it?

Therefore we would like to provide a build, that is equally usable for beginners, as for advanced users due to its versatility. It provides great flavor, wicking and vapor production, while being as easy as it gets, barely creating any waste on silica or wire and works a wide wattage range  up to about 25W (depending on your wire – a thicker wire is recommended for higher wattage).

Have fun recreating and thanks for watching.