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In this section frequently asked questions on our products and SvoëMesto itself are answered. If your question on one of our products is not mentioned, please take a look at our Manuals or leave your question in the form down below. We ask for comprehension, that we can’t answer questions on future products or plans.

Kayfun V4

You have a question on the Kayfun 4? In the catalog below you will find frequently asked questions and answers on it.

Do I need to clean the Kayfun 4?

The Kayfun 4 comes clean from the manufacturer. It is however recommended to rinse it off under warm water when you first receive it.

Do regular 510 driptips work?

Of course you can use your own 510 driptip, like with all of our atomizers.

Fluctuating resistances - What can I do?

Smaller fluctuation around 0.15 ohms between liquid control open and closed are normal.

A fluctuating resistance on a larger scale occurs, when an electric connection is not sitting tight. Generally it is a good idea to clean the device thoroughly.

Our research has shown, that this can have two different reasons.

  1. The most common source for errors is, if parts of the atomizer are not screwed together firmly. Please pay especially attention to following parts:
    1. (A1 – 510 contact screw. In case you are using in its spring-loaded configuration, please assure that the screw isn’t screwed out further than 360° / 1 turn)
    2. A9 – UC counter screw
    3. B14 – Center post
  2.  In singular cases the spring on the inside of the atomizer applies not enough pressure to the contact surfaces above and below. Reasons for that being:
    1. The spring collapsed due to a short and is damaged. In that case we recommend to replace the spring. Currently you can receive one with the large spare kit 1. We’ll be offering the spring separately very soon. To prevent shorts, please make sure the leads of your coil do not touch the congestion ring of the evaporation chamber B25.
    2. The spring did is too far compressed due to manufacturing tolerances from the supplier. You can extend its length by stretching it a little bit, so it applies more pressure on the contact surfaces.

How does the liquid control work?

The mechanism is actually closing the liquid channels. Not the airflow. You can vape while having the the liquid control closed.


  • in case you have too much liquid in the evaporation chamber, close liquid control and vape it out.
  • in case you want to try a juice, but you only have the V4 with you, shut the liquid control, vape your liquid out and drip into the chimney.

Is the Kayfun 4 compatible with "old" tanks.

The Kayfun 4 is not downwards compatible. Although the thread specifications are the same, the tank length is 27mm with the Polycarbonate tank. Due to the threaded chimney, nano tanks don’t work because the O-Ring in the topcap won’t fit over the threading.

My liquid control won‘t open all the way/ my deck isn’t being pulled in completely.

  1. The grub screw of your airflow control might stick out too far and block the movement of the liquid control. Screw it in until it sits flush with the air duct. You can do so by removing the deck from the base first.
  2. You installed a different connector or the 4s incorrectly.

When will it be available?

The planned release is at the first weekend of December 2014.

The release date may alter a few days depending on your home country.

Who carries the Kayfun 4 in the US?

The US distributor for SvoëMesto products is Vape Revolution.


Who will carry the Kayfun 4?

You can find our vendors here.

You can also look explicitly for distributors in your country.

Kayfun Lite series

You have a question on your Kayfun? In the catalogue below you will find frequently asked questions and answers on the Kayfun Lite and Kayfun Lite [plus].

How can flooding/ leaking be prevented?


To prevent the Kayfun from flooding or even leaking out of the air intake, please observe the following aspects before assembling and filling the tank:

  • All O-Rings sit in place, especially the small one that seals between the topcap and the chimney.
  • The fill port screw is screwed in.
  • The distance between your coil and the air-hole beneath it is at least 1mm.
  • No wick is touching the deck screws or the upper deck itself.
  • The wick reaches all the way down into the lower deck where the juice channels come out.

Curing while you’re on your way.

The pressure system of the Kayfun can react sensitive to variations in temperature or air pressure. If you are experiencing a sudden flooding while you are on the go, here are two ways to fix it.

  1. Turn your device upside down with the mouthpiece facing to the ground, place a paper tissue under the mouthpiece and gently blow into the air intake. Excess e-liquid will drip out of the mouthpiece into the tissue.
  2. If you don’t have a paper tissue with you, turn your device the mouthpiece facing away from you towards the ground and grab it tight, so it won’t slip out of your hand. Then give it a firm shake in a semicircular arch. The centrifugal acceleration will force the excess e-liquid out of the mouthpiece. Repeat this process until no e-liquid escapes the mouthpiece anymore.

How to assure propper wicking/ avoid dry hits?

Bad wicking is mostly caused by the build itself. Here are a couple of causes that in general can cause bad wicking/ burnt taste.

  • Your wick sits too tight within your coil.
  • Your effective power used on the Kayfun is too high for the used wire. Higher wattage requires a thicker wire. Adjust your wattage down or rebuild.
  • Your resistance is too low. We do not recommend using a resistance below 1 Ohm on unregulated devices.
  • Your wick is blocking the liquid channels. Please make sure your wick does not reach into the liquid channels.

Juices with a high VG (Vegetable Glycerin) ratio are in general thicker and therefore wick slower. It is important, that you customize your build to the juice you are using.

What is the size of the O-Rings?

The size of the O-Rings used between base and tank as well as tank and topcap is 17×1.

What size is the Poly-screw for the Kayfun Lite?

M 2.5

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