A look behind the scenes

Dear friends,

a new product release is always a labor intensive procedure and usually prepared for months in advance. Before releasing a new product, many things have to be done, such as the following:

  • products are machined and assembled in large quantities
  • photos are taken and edited
  • videos are edited
  • websites are designed
  • social media posts are prepared
  • products are shipped to vendors around the globe.

All of this usually happens long before a product is published.

This time it’s different

Due to certain circumstances we’re forced to approach the product release differently this time. This puts us in the situation, in which we have to publish the product while many of the tasks mentioned above are still running. This was not a decision that was in our hands. Due to mentioned circumstanced we’re forced to put our focus for the initial release entirely on countries within the European Union. 

The good news first

The Kayfun 5 is a product checks almost all boxes on the wishlist we’ve received from you and more. We could not be more excited to tell you all about it. The product page is currently being worked on and we’ll reveal more information and media very soon.

Furthermore, we’re confident that the production will be enough to enable everyone, who wants one, to get one.

The bad news

As mentioned, the Kayfun 5 will be on the market while the produced volume is still too low for an instantaneous worldwide release. This means 2 things:

  1. The initial release on May 16th 2016 will be in the EU exclusively.
  2. The quantities for each vendor had to be highly restricted.

These steps were necessary to enable our partners in the EU to stock the Kayfun 5 in time and to have it in stock in the future.

Good things come to those who wait

We know that, for many of you, these are disappointing news and so they are for us. We are however confident, that you understand the special circumstances.

Our team is committed to do all we can, to provide a Kayfun 5 for everyone who wants one, everywhere on the world as soon as  possible. The production and assembly is running as we speak and we will continue to send units to our vendors over the course of the next weeks.

Thank you for all your support and your comprehension.


Your SvoëMesto Team