Lubed o-rings are happy o-rings

The first Kayfun 5 are now on their way to their new owners. In order to make your experience a great one, here are a few things you should do.

First and foremost: Lube these two o-rings with either VG or Vaseline.

Just like an engine, the Kayfun 5 works best when it’s lubricated properly. As the liquid control glides on the shown o-rings, lubricating them will

  • make operation much smoother
  • prevent the liquid control from getting stuck.

Spare build screws

Please notice that the Kayfun 5 has two pairs of build screws included in the spare kit.

The longer set is for builds with very thick wires only. These screws cannot be screwed into the base completely! 

Forcing them beyond the threading may cause them to break off and eventually leaving the base of the Kayfun 5 unusable.