…or traditional vapers, I should say.

What we have observed

Since the Kayfun 4 was released, we could observe that around 50% of all Kayfun 4 customers have bought a 4S Kit, willing to sacrifice adjustability to increase the airflow. Furthermore, we still received feedback, that many vapers were still missing a little bit more airflow.


The Kayfun 5 is by no means as a “subohm tank” only. Our core focus has always remained on flavor and usability. It can be used as mouth to lung device and, thanks to being adjustable in air- and liquid flow, it can be used with a variety of setups. It was not our intention to build a cloud chasing device, but we recognize the fact, that there are vapers at any stage -from beginner to enthusiast- out there, who simply prefer direct lung inhaling and who’ve been neglected by us in the past.

Kayfuns have always been modular and customizable

As with most things, the truth usually lays somewhere in the middle. Therefore, most today vapers like a setup in the middle.
We’re confident that, for the vast majority, the Kayfun 5 will have an airflow setting, you will enjoy.


For those, who prefer a tighter draw than the Kayfun 5 offers by default,

we’re already on an inexpensive solution, that can be added effortless to the Kayfun 5 and will give you the experience, you desire.