Kayfun Lite -What size to pick?

The Kayfun Lite is made in two different widths: 22mm and 24mm. A small different for some that makes a big difference to others. But which size is the right one for you?

Never change a winning team


A size that is almost as old as vaping. It originated in a time, when the first tube mods and rebuildable atomizers saw the day of light. Over time it became an industry standard that made sure tube mods and atomizers looked like they were made of one piece.

Up to this day, 22mm is the size everybody knows and loves. This essentially is a “no-brainer”. You can’t go wrong it, but you might be missing out…

Perfect for box-mods.


These days most users of higher end devices use box-mods as their daily carry. Hence, it is only logical for us to offer a size that caters towards this demographic.

Many box mods come with a 22mm 510 connector that sits vertically flush with the housing of the mod. Horizontally however, the housing of the box mod often protrudes a bit beyond the 510 connector. One millimeter on each side is enough to accommodate the Kayfun Lite 24mm.

Side by side

Kayfun lite – 22mmKayfun Lite – 24mm
Tank capacity2ml3.5ml
Max. tank capacity*4ml5ml
Max height*38mm38mm

*with Longmode or Dome installed, available separately