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Lange war es ruhig um SvoëMesto und es tat sich nichts … stimmt das? Nein, denn hinter den Kulissen ging es hoch her und es wurde fleißig entwickelt und getestet. Dass nichts nach außen drang, liegt an der absoluten Geheimhaltung, die man sonst nur von neuen Handys, NASA-Satelliten oder anderen Top-Secret-Projekten kennt. Nun ist es aber soweit, der neue Kayfun V4 steht in den Startlöchern und stellt alle Vorgänger-Versionen in den Schatten. Read more

The miracle of refilling

The liquid control gives you full control on whether liquid should flow to the evaporation chamber or not! At the same time the redesigned automatic pressure feeding system will always saturate your wick with the right amount of e-liquid.

The ability to switch the juice flow completely off enables a variety of possibilities and makes filling the tank as easy as it gets.

  • Close the liquid control
  • Unscrew the fill port
  • Fill the tank
  • Close the fill port
  • open the liquid control

No tools needed.

The fill port is also designed in a way, that closing doesn’t build up pressure inside the tank.

Hint: Mounted onto a mod or APV, instead of the lower ring, obviously you just give the upper part of the atomizer an spin to close and open the liquid control.

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[Review] – Kayfun Lite [plus] – The 2nd batch

Kayfuns have easily become one of the most sought after rebuildable
atomizers due to their quality construction and the experience they
provide! With the recent release of the updated Kayfun Lite Plus, which
SvoëMesto refers to as “batch two,” vapers
have began wondering what differences exist between the first and
second batch. Although much of the Kayfun Lite Plus has remained the
same, there are a few subtle changes that have taken place as a result
of consumer feedback. While we take a moment to showcase those
differences, we’d also like to introduce you to the variety
of accessories SvoëMesto has developed for integration with
your Kayfun!

SvoëMesto takes
every question, comment, and suggestion very seriously because they
strive to provide nothing less than the best. Even though the first
batch of the Lite Plus were purchased in a hurry, vapers were equally
as quick to swap out the drip-tip provided for something a little more
stylish. That being said, the first change you’ll notice
after unboxing your new Kayfun is the redesigned drip-tip!


SvoëMesto also chose
to adjust the taper on the top cap. As you can see in the photo above,
the cap on the left has a little less tilt around the top which flows
nicely when the redesigned tip is in place. It also accommodates a
wider variety of tips with ease!


Removing the top cap will
reveal the third aspect that has been redesigned. If you’ve
ever taken a Kayfun apart, you may have found that your O-ring had left
the top cap and slid on to the chimney. With the changes made to the
top cap, the O-ring is held more securely in its housing. The new top
cap also offers increased juice capacity, which is a great benefit when
using a nano tank!


Rounding out the redesigned
Kayfun Lite Plus are the engravings found on the bottom. Pictured above
on the right, you’ll notice that the engravings are now of
better quality and have been curved to flow with the base of the atty.
There has also been a date of production added to the engravings that
already existed.


As far as accessories are
concerned, SvoëMesto has you covered! Whether you want some
color, something shorter, or something that holds more liquid their
array of items are sure to meet your needs! Shown above is a collection
of both Batch One and Two of theKayfun Lite Plus. These are some
examples of variations that can be created with the products they
produce! These items not only work with the Kayfun Lite Plus, they can
be used on the discontinued 3.1 and Kayfun Lite as well!