UNITY Collection

The UNITY collection is a worldwide collaboration between Mr. Good Vape (USA) and SvoëMesto (Germany). The goal of this project was to set an example by creating an e-liquid that meets all current regulatory, safety and packaging standards and simultaneously represents 3 different cultures as well as 3 different demographics of vapers.


    RUSSIAN is a combination of black cherries, black tea, plums and black currant, refined with a hint of menthol. RUSSIAN is a fruity and lightweight liquid.

    Tea was introduced in 1638’s Russia when a Mongolian sovereign endowed a cargo of tea to the tsar. Due to the cold climate, tea is still one of the most common beverages in Russia today. Traditionally tea used to be drunken in the afternoon, however nowadays it’s commonly served during the entire day.


    A true representation of the stars and stripes. Crafted with aromas of vanilla bean ice cream, sweet strawberries and freshl blueberries. This sweet composition is accompanied by a subtle note of the Kentucky bourbon.


Made for Kayfuns

The UNITY collection has been tested with a wide array of atomizers and setups, but it has been optimized to unfold it’s full aromatic potential in Kayfuns.

The flavor percentage has been strictly limited to avoid abrasion of your coil and wick.

The PG/VG ratio has been optimized for ideal wicking and flavor.

Product safety

and manufacturing practises

With the UNITY collection we chose the same approach as with our atomizers: To provide great quality at an affordable price. The UNITY collection is entirely manufactured in Ontario, Canada complying with GMP standards outlined by Health Canada and the US Food and Drug Administration.

  • Packaging

    • Frosted glass bottle
    • Child resistant bottle cap with dropper, sealed with temper evident ring
    • Each bottle comes in an external carton packaging, which depicts
      • product description
      • Nicotine strength on the front and on the top of the carton
      • warning lables and pictogramms (English, French)
      • ingredients incl. Nicotine in % per volume and PG/VG ratio (English, French)
      • address of the manufacturer and the distributors
  • Labels

    The UNITY collection is the first e-liquid line that utilizes a double layered lable. All labels have following information:

    • product information
    • Nicotine strength
    • warnings and pictogramms (English, German, French, Spanish and Italian )
    • ingredients incl. Nicotine in % per volume and PG/VG ratio (English, German, French, Spanish and Italian )
    • address of the manufacturer and the distributors
  • Warnings and pictograms

    The UNITY collection labels comply with the ECITA and ECTA standards. All e-liquids carry an exclamation point pictogram as warning sign. A French version based on French regulations is available as well.


    Only for use in electronic cigarettes.
    Refer to the device manufacturer for refilling instructions.
    This product may contain nicotine, an addictive chemical known
    to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.
    Do not drink. In case of skin contact, wash thoroughly.
    May contain traces of nuts or milk products.
    Seek medical advice if you feel unwell.
    Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Underage sale prohibited.

  • PG, VG, Nicotine

    All base ingredients are 100% natural.
    The Nicotine used has USP quality, all batch and safety information is managed by NicTrace.
    All nicotine is mixed with VG or PG before added into the juice. That ensures all the dosing is consistent.

  • Flavours

    All flavours travel with MSDS certificates. Each invidual flavor as well as the finished product has been tested for Diacetyl and 2,3-Pentanedione (Acetyl propionyl). Testing information is available here.

    LEJ006 – Unity

    LEJ009 – American *

    All test are done by third party labs.

    *Please notice that the recipe for “AMERICAN” has been reformulated after the first test results did not meet our requirements.